Sails for 16ft Falcon

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Sails for 16ft Falcon

Postby laybacklenny » Mon Jul 21, 2008 6:04 pm Sells a sail package for the Falcon.It's a sew it yourself kit.
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Re: Sails for 16ft Falcon

Postby Voodooacrobat » Tue Aug 12, 2008 11:16 am


I've heard (never actually measured for myself) that a set of sails from the O'Day Daysailer 16' would fit too. The sails don't have to be exactly custom made for the Falcon since it's a fairly standard size mast height and boom length. I'm sure any decent sail locker would be able to find a good match. (Of course, you'll want to pay a bit extra for that snazzy Falcon logo and your sail numbers to be sewn on!)

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Re: Sails for 16ft Falcon

Postby NODROG » Tue Oct 13, 2009 3:15 am

The DAY SAILER jib "might" fit, but the mainsail will be way too big!
My Dad had a FALCON (sold her in 1969 when I was only 5) and I have had a DAY SAILER II (1979 O'DAY) since 1996, the sails for my DS II are definitely bigger than the sails on my Dad's boat were. The Falcon carries about 125 sqft of sail area, the DS has 145 sqft. Perhaps the O'DAY sails that fit the FALCON are those for the OSPREY? That would make perfect sense since I am convinced that the OSPREY was a carbon copy of the FALCON! Actually, O'DAY did not originally build their own boats (1950s-early 1960s) and when the OSPREY was introduced in about 1959....... the O'DAY boats were built under contract by Marscot Plastics....... guess who merged with Beetle to become American Boat Building? Yep, Marscot! I have a picture of the prototype of the OSPREY and it sure looks more like a FALCON! Later production OSPREYs had a different cuddy shape, but this one had a Falcon-style cuddy. If you check the specs on the Osprey you will find every dimension is virtually the same as the Falcon (+/- an inch or 2).

There apparently were 2 different size rigs for the FALCON, my Dad's boat originally had the "short" rig (mast was about 16-18' long) but when he bought new sails (to replace the cotton originals) they didn't fit, he ended up getting a new mast made (Zephyr Spars) and that mast was about 20' long.
Most FALCONs that I've seen appear to have the shorter rig. The Osprey rig looks more like the taller rig that my Dad's boat had after he got the new sails/mast.

PS: Paceship built a boat called the "PEReGRINE" (as well as building the Falcon for a while) that was also basically a Falcon hull with a different deck (cuddy was more of a bubble shape) and the cockpit was molded as part of the deck. Humm...... Falcon, Osprey, Peregrine.... all "raptors" and the peregrine is a species of Falcon..... gee, is there a connection there? Also, in hte mid-1960s PEARSON built a boat called the HAWK.... no, not a Falcon-clone, but similar in concept (sort-of looked like a smaller ,centerboard version of the ENSIGN).
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Re: Sails for 16ft Falcon

Postby DaveD » Wed Nov 20, 2013 11:42 pm

Hate to resurrect this thread, but I ordered and had Jeff at Sailrite make a main sail for me.

I added a couple of features to mine, including 2 sets of reefs (I'll be sailing it on Erie now), and upgraded dacron.

Jeff was fantastic, and answered any questions I have.

The sail looks tight and well made.

I haven't had a chance to fly it yet, but will do it soon as the weather breaks!
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