O'Day Osprey

Here's a collection of materials on the Falcon hull design from McVay, Beetle Boats, and others.

O'Day Osprey

Postby DaveD » Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:58 am

I have been doing some research and checking of facts, and I have been making notes on items that I find out there in regards to the Falcon.

The part of the Falcon history that is a little foggy is the Beetle/American Boat Building/Marscot Plastics relationships.

As per NODROG's posts, I decided to research Marscot Plastics, and discovered that Marscot Plastics merged with American Boat Building of Rhode Island, and stayed under the ABBC name. Later American absorbed Beetle Boats (fiberglass only) and shortly after that (within a year) American was closed and the molds were purchased by George O'day and Associates, later O'day.

O'day produced a few boats that are eerily similar to the Falcon, called the Osprey. In fact, the Osprey is a sistership of the Falcon. Later, the design was perfected by George O'day to the more familiar shape of the Daysailer (DS).

I would appreciate any input from others on this... I will be writing an article with references and posting it under manufacturer history on the main site.

Thank you for all your support!
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Re: O'Day Osprey

Postby NODROG » Sun Nov 07, 2010 2:09 am

Well, close!
The problem is that the Day Sailer was introduced in 1958, the OSPREY in 1960. I am not 110% positive, but it sure looks like the "prototype" for the OSPREY was a FALCON, looking at an O'DAY advert from that time. MARSCOT was building the O'DAYs for George O'DAY Associates at the time, as well as Beetle boats.
The Day Sailer was an Uffa Fox/George O'Day design, Uffa Fox designed the hull and George O'Day insisted (against Uffa Fox's wish) that the cuddy be added. As an owner of a later Day Sailer II, I am glad that Mr. O'Day added that cuddy! Interestingly enough, George O'Day later produced the "O'DAY 17" which was basically a DS without the cuddy. Grampion Yachts in Canada was loosely connected to O'DAY and for a while built the "GRAMPION 17" which sure looks like an O'DAY 17...... in fact they used the same picture that George O'Day used in his ads!

The BEETLE BOATs company that built the fiberglass Beetles was never connected to the company that built the Beetle Cat, Father Beetle built the wooden catboats (and started out in business building whaleboats), son built fiberglass boats.

For a great history of Marscot/Beetle/American Boat Building, check out Dan Spurr's great book, "HEART OF GLASS".
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